Christmas for Red Kites

We treated ourselves to a Lidl Spanish Serrano Jamon for Christmas.  I had always wanted one!  The day came and I carved a thin slice.  It was disgusting.  So the Red Kites, Magpies, Crows & Jackdaws had an early Christmas present.  The leg tended to move around the field overnight, badgers or foxes would gnaw at it.  There now is a white bone in the field.  It has taken from before the 20th December to now (January 10th) to reach that state.

Some pictures of the Red Kite on the Jamon, and a few after the juvenile kite flew off.


Christmas for Red Kites — 2 Comments

    • Pete, thanks. Not sure why I have not photographed the Kites before. They are constantly flying around the field. One has taken to sitting on the power post in the field. I know they often roost and sit in the oak trees a quarter of a mile away.

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