Chebororwa Kenya, Series One LandroverHere are some old slides scanned from our days in Chebororwa, Kenya.  The slides were taken on a German 35 mm Voigtlander camera, mainly Kodachome file.  They were recently scanned at a fairly low resolution.  The photographs were taken my my father Mike.

Chebororwa Farm

The slides were taken in 1962-1963.  The were taken when we were living at Chebororwa.  There are some from Naivasha.  I am producing galleries based on the source collection archives.  The pictures cover a wide range of Kenya as we travelled around.  I have tried to annotate the pictures with names.  Some are missed as the notes are scant.  If you see something wrong, or missing and you have a better answer, then fill in the comment form at the bottom of the page.