We had an early breakfast in order to visit Kresna Gorge on our return to Sofia.  Searching around the bride over the Struma river we found Small Pincertails and Sombre Goldring. Otherwise it was disappointing. Quick group photograph and a whistle stop tour of Sofia.  We said our goodbyes to the rest of the group and spent the next few days touring Sofia on our own.

We found a great bar outside the presidents residence where we could sit and watch people coming and going.  We sat there drinking our way through the cocktail menu.  Well the prices were good.  We ate there  while watching the guard changing.  We watched the swifts flying around the Banks.  One time when we crossed the street we were shouted and whistled at by the police.  We should have noticed no one else was crossing.  Shortly afterwards a cavalcade of cars came by.  It was some Turkish dignitary on their way back to the airport.  At the rear was an ambulance to pick up any people who might of been hurt in any shoot out.

Next day we visited some museums, modern art, natural History museum.  Visited the Russian Orthodox church, very dark and candle lit. In the evening looked up some restaurants on the Internet for a traditional Bulgarian meal. Turned out to be rather a depressing restaurant with no one else eating.

Last day we had the morning in Sofia, had some more drinks at the cocktail bar, called the Art Museum Club, and then pack and depart.


Our last days in Sofia on our own — No Comments

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