We travelled to Namibia with the tour company Andante to view prehistoric Rock Art and see the wildlife. We were away from Monday 21st October to Tuesday 5th November 2013.

It was a horrible wet miserable day as we set off to Heathrow for the start of our holiday to Namibia. Arrived at terminal 5, bought our SA rand, and then had something to eat at Wagamamas. We were due to catch a flight a little after 4 pm to Frankfurt and then the 19.10 flight to Windhoek. Our flight to Frankfurt was delayed and delayed. It was now due to arrive after our flight to Windhoek had left. We met our other 15 travel companions outside the check-in. We were resigned to a crap start to the holiday. As we went through the boarding gate we were all herded to one side. British Airways were going to try and get us to Windhoek by other means. They moved 9 of us on to the 19.10 flight to Johannesburg and the rest on to a later flight that day. Meeting up again hopefully in Johannesburg with our luggage, we would make it to Windhoek by 14.00 on Tuesday. A few hours late, but on our way. That sounded like a plan.

We were totally split up on the flight, filling in the spaces. I was 20 rows back from Rosemary, but a nice travelling companion was sitting next to me. She was a marine biologist living in Norwich, working in Mozambique searching for oil offshore. We ended up comparing lenses, having the same 100-400 zoom. She used her’s for whale watching.

Watched “World War Z” on the in-flight entertainment. It warranted the two screamer award. Yes, both women either side of me jumped in surprise as I screamed.


We arrived in Johannesburg on time to a rather cloudy, cold day. Long wait until midday for the British Airways flight to Windhoek. Two hour flight and our luggage came with us, except for John’s luggage. Weather is gorgeous, sunny but cool. Impressed by the road from the airport to the capital. Saw baboons, giraffe, springbok & warthogs on the way.


The drive was long and look over 5 hours from airport to the hotel Europe Hof in Swakopmund. Swakopmund is a town on the coast. Looks pretty sizeable. The hotel and surrounding buildings looked very Germanic.


Supper was quickly ready for us in the dining room. I ate an Oryx steak, and we at last caught up with the 6 remaining passages who had made their own way to Windhoek. They had got to Swakopmund before us.


Pretty cool on the coast, and a hint of mist, sitting on the bed thinking maybe we should turn the heating on. Early night tonight, hopefully catching up on some shuteye.

Star Namibia Photographs

A few selected photographs from the Namibia trip.



2013 Rock Art in the Namibian Wilderness — 2 Comments

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  2. WOW!! No longer any need for us to go to Namibia as your photos are FAR better than any I could take and gave us a real feeling of having been there with you! You might even have to teach us how to put together a blog with photos etc! Many thanks, Sarah. PS So delighted with the family of guinea fowl Rosemary so kindly brought back for us.

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