On the 8th of August 2013 Rosemary and I attended the funeral of Jean Hadley at Salcombe.  The service took place in the Holy Trinity church.  She was then buried in the cemetery on Bonfire Hill overlooking Salcombe Harbour.  The wake took place in Salcombe yacht club, which had amble supplies of Doom Bar bitter. The day was a beautiful sunny day for this sad event.

The next day we met up with Tony and David Hadley to scatter Roland Hadley’s ashes into the Salcombe Harbour.  They had hired a boat to take us out to the mouth of Salcombe Harbour,  Rolland had the last laugh and the rain came lashing down.

The next day, before heading back, Rosemary and I visited the National Trust property of Overbecks.  The gardens are beautiful and semi tropical, while the house was full of surprises.

The most bizarre part of the long weekend away was the hotel we stayed in.  Nobody was there other than us and Richard.  No staff, we just let ourselves in, and left the keys when he left.  Never seeing anyone else.



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