R and I decided to visit the  Waddesdon Manor Christmas lights show.  This year the theme was Gingerbread.  Down in the stables there was a fabulous model of Waddesdon manor created at great expense in Gingerbread by the Biscuiteers.  The detail was great, you could identify the rooms from the selected items of furniture, carpets and paintings.  The stables had an amazing shop full of Christmas decorations and lights.

Back up to the Manor a trudge around the pop-up market selling all those things you don’t want at high prices.  But, having said this, we did actually walk away having purchased some goodies.  

Our time had come, and we were allowed into the Manor to see this year’s Christmas trees, trying to spot the gingerbread men on the trees. This year there were some good displays.  I did not take a picture of the passageway from the manor to the Bachelor’s Wing cos it was startlingly bright and white, with white LEDs and white cloth covering the walls and ceilings.

Back outside we walked to the aviary to view the  popular Field of Light installation created by artist Bruce Munro.   The lights installation returned to celebrate 25 years since its conception. There were 9,000 stems of light  in the Aviary Glade. This is Munro’s largest Field of Light ever seen in the UK.  Really need to go back with a proper camera and tripod to do justice.  These phone cameras do have limitations.

Now it was dark, the manor was now alight with its show.  Took us a while to realise the Waddesdon Manor Christmas lights show lasted for four minutes in every 15.  Now to leave and no buses, and huge queues, so we walked back to the car park.