The predicted cloudy day started off with sunshine, soon descending into cloud.  We had already made the decision not to go to Herm, but instead go for lunch at The Auberge.  The French children had already packed to go, one night at the campsite, what were they here for?

We caught the bus into town, making the mandatory pass through the hospital.  We changed to a second bus to Jerbourg where the restaurant is.  Again, making a trip through the hospital.  Yes, we went past the hospital four times today.   Most bus routes appear to go through the hospital now.  The car park at the hospital, and the connections to the rest of the island must make it one of the best places to park when commuting on Guernsey.  (Well, if you could find somewhere to park.)

At Jerbourg I started my mandatory run down the steps and path to the point, only to be stopped by path closed signs and a dug-up bridge leading to the lighthouse.  Back up the steps again to be greeted by Rosemary shaking her head (as to why I hadn’t made it all the way down), and a tour bus from the Norwegian Jade who was anchored off the coast.  I did wonder how many of the 2,700 passengers took tours of the island.  I somehow doubt there is much extra transport capacity on the island.  Is it expected that most passengers will mooch around St Peter Port? Guernsey is said to be the last duty free stop before returning to the UK. Cruise liners are not able to anchor off Jersey.

Short walk down the road to The Auberge where we ate lunch.  Cocktails while we ordered and then a lovely meal from the lunch time menu, and a bottle of wine.  Back on the buses through the hospital twice more and then on home to sit outside to read (R), snooze (me) and shiver (both) in the refreshing weather. 

The sun is promised for tomorrow, and hopefully the Internet is better now that the French kids have gone elsewhere and I can post this with one photo of me standing next to a large plant.