Blasdale Home Website

Blasdale Home Website

The site is in transition at the moment, so you will find yourself in different formats.

This is the vanity site of the Blasdale family who reside in Buckinghamshire, England.

The site is a picture album from our holidays, and from the rock concerts Steve and Selina used to attend, and the local community. Don't expect any new concerts now. Picture albums

The site is now mainly updated with photographs from the various holidays and events that happen through the year. Some areas contain lots of text and took a while to put together, other areas are just pictures with a brief description. Most thumb nail size pictures can be clicked on to produce a larger version of the picture.

Alas there are several different mechanisms of maintaining the albums, so styles do change throughout the pictures. I am trying to standardise on one album type, but there is always a better one around the door. Presently I am using a product called jalbum.

Blog and Visitor book

There is an online diary where I document my travels and events through life. You can always comment on the entries. If they are nice, then they will be published. If the are nasty, then they go into the bin.

I also have a section for Blog entries from members of the Blasdale family. This can be used as an area to introduce yourself,a dn to try and track down other members of the family.

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