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Glastonbury 1999

Another must see band on my list. Hopefully she should be there. Yes 3.30 and Blondie starts on the main stage. Oh heaven, a band from just after I left university, and look people still love her. She did a really good show. Dressed in a red dress and red hat, which she removed after the first number to reveal her blonde hair.

She played all her old hits and ended with a heart of glass. Then before Hole I went to watch a band called Dark Star, but first some more e-mails to Rosemary. Dark Star were not so good.  Back to the main stage for Hole.

Did a bit of moching. Pretty close up from, and to the right of the stage. Got several pictures of Courtney Love. She went through her routine of getting some of the audience up on stage sitting behind her on the drum stage. Finishing off with getting one to sing. I quite enjoyed the set.  Oh well,