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We, (that's me the old hippie, Selina my daughter, and Daniel her boy friend) decided we should aim to be at Glastonbury by Thursday midday. The aim, to miss the hoards arriving, and to get a good spot for camping. I had been checking the festival web cam the previous day, and saw the first tents arrive in the field next to the stage,

So at 9.35 am we set of from Buckinghamshire and headed off down the A34, M4, M5 and turned towards Glastonbury at junction 23. We arrived just outside of the entrance at 12.15 in a small queue.  Eventually we parked at 12.30. The only stop on the way was to purchase Daniel some Cancer sticks.

We took as much as we could from the car, and headed for gate 6. This was a 600 yard walk. Once inside we looked for somewhere to camp. I decided we should, if possible camp roughly where we had camped the previous year. This was in front of the other stage, in a strip of land 25 years wide between a hedge and a metal road. The advantages would be:

  • Not far to walk
  • Did not flood last year
  • The tent would be easy to find.  Selina has no idea on how to Navigate.  The previous year she had been unable to find her way back to her Tent, leaving one distraught parent searching for her all night.
  • Security.  There were so many stories of tents being Nationalised.  I hoped being pitched near a main thoughrfare this would not happen.

This area already seemed quite full, especially with people who had brought large tents and canopies , and also large areas bounded off by the occupants with fences. We found a small area where we could put up two tents facing each other. Red circle is our tent.