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Glastonbury 1999, Friday Jazz

Up and ready for action at 7.20. The day was bright and clear. It was going to be a glorious day. Sleep had come slow during the night with the dance music all night. I had thought it was coming from the green fields direct, but now I could see it was from the enclosure 30 yards way.


Breakfast and then to the Jazz World where I watched CCQ. After watching CCQ, I  had to hurry over to See Ian Dury. Oh disappointment, Ian was Ill and could not make the festival.

Instead I went on to boxman, and checked my Emails. I had had a response from Katie at Paramania who asked me to say hello to the Tiny Tea Tent. The Tiny Tea Tent were at the Paramania fly in back in May. Adam is a flyer..

Here we have the Tiny Tea Tent. They were located on the main track that takes you up out of the Jazz World Stage to Green Fields. They appeared to e doing great business.  The cakes they sold were really good.
Picture of Jackie

As I said Adam was a flyer. I did not see him as he was asleep at the time!!

Saw Selina and Daniel at 1.00.p.m. trying to meet up with her school friends. Watched the last bit of Skinny. AT 2.00 watched Los Amigos Invisibles from Caracas Venezuela. They were OK, but I would not go out an pay to see them.