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Glastonbury 1999, REM

After Hole, I had quite a bad time choosing bands. First I went to the Acoustic Tent at 8.30 to hear Marianne Faithful. I lasted out a couple of songs before I left. I did not enjoy her type of music at all, so I went back to the tent and had some food.

Selina's friends turned up at the tent. We all went to see REM. They one way, and I another way. The whole world must have gone to see REM. I got a reasonable place to see them to the right of the mixing tower. But after five songs I had to get out. The music was diabolical. It might explain why I do not have any of their records. Getting out was easier said then done. As I got nearer out, the harder the crowds pushed together, so out seemed further away.

Eventually I managed to get to out, and then on to the film stage where I watched the final part of Star Trek Alien Insurrection , and all of Lock Stock and two smoking barrels. I did feel a little cold after this. The sky was lovely and clear, but the tee shirt and two long sleeve tee shirts were not adequate protection to keeping me warm.  I must rewatch LS&2SB, because I did snooze through some of it.