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Glastonbury 1999, Jazz on Saturday

Saturday is already with us. Again the weather is good. Not a cloud in the sky when I get up.

Off to the first band at the Jazz World at 10.15. Pops Mohammed. Quiet start to this 3 piece band using some traditional Southern African instruments. The first piece was the sounds of the Kalahari Desert. Later the band had some keyboards, drum and bass guitar for a real jazz feel. Not at all bad.

At this point 11.00 I discovered the Brother Bar by the Jazz World. The normal beer tent had not opened, there was not a itinerant can seller in sight, but the Brothers Bar was open. They sold 7%(by volume) pear cider (I thought that was called Perry). It was nectar, so smooth not like the scrummpy. At two pounds the pint it was definitely good value. Bought a pint and laid down in the glorious sun in from of the stage waiting for: The Egg.  Oh this was bliss.  If only everyday was like this.

The Egg 11.35

They were definitely a dance band. Electric Guitar, Key boards, samples and drums. They all came on with white tee shirts numbered 1,2,3,4, and shorts. They were easy to dance too. Good fun, then back to the bar for another cider and-

Groove Armada 12.50

They are a Hip Hop, Dance band. Really enjoyed myself. Or was it the cider beginning to kick in. I could dance there in front of the stage in this warm sunny weather. I began to consider not seeing any of the main groups of the day. I was really quite enjoying myself here. Oh heaven.

Another cider and it then was:-

Junior Delgado 14.10

Reggae band. Had some TV taken of me. Not seen this though.

Hey the weather is still fine. Over 90 percent clear, although there are some cirrus clouds signalling the approach of a warm front. Look out for the rain later!

This was all I watched at the Jazz stage on Saturday.  Next stop would be Joe Strummer.  Here are a few pictures taken around the Jazz Stage.

A Rhino???

I must get one of those hats on the left.