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Glastonbury 1999 Sunday

Now we are on to the last day. Woke up after my best nights sleep to the pouring rain. Rain finally stopped at around 11.00 Had breakfast and then went to see the first bands of the day: By the time we got out it looked like a typical cold front day. Clear sky, with towering cumulus clouds. Should be a good day for weather.

Dr Didg 12.40

I have seen Dr Didg before. This time Selina and Daniel came and watched with me. He basically plays instruments and samples these to make rhythm tracks while on stage, Of course the major instrument he uses is the didgeridoo .

Jazz Jamaica 1.20

Went over to the Jazz stage to listen and dance to Jazz Jamaica. They have 4 CD's out the latest called Double Barrel. They played Manic, Ska and Rock Steady Reggae. They had us learning the dance moves to Ska. They are on my buy list now.

Frederic Galliano 2.50

This was a disaster. They were late starting. The sound set-up was f**ked. Distorted and some of the instruments not connected. I could not be bothered to wait to see if it was sorted out.

Dog Star 3.40

I never heard of this lot before, but went to see them. I listened to two sets before leaving. The lead and vocalist were absolutely crap. I am ashamed to admit that I thought the rhythm and base section was quite good. Oh well? I hear that Keanu Reeves got pelted with oranges and bottles.

Courtney Pine 4.20

Trumpets. Quite good.

Feeder 6.00

I watched feeder from the left hand side. I enjoyed them, but did not participate in the action. I saw the same old faces crowd surfing over and over again.

At this stage we went back and packed up the tent and carted it all over to the car. This took some time, but we were able to get back to the Cabaret tent to see Jerry Sadowitz at 8.40. Oh Oh he had not turned up, although was believed to be on site. Well that was it for us. We had some food and were driving out of Glastonbury at 10.00 pm

Do look on because there are some additional pages of pictures.