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Glastonbury 1999, Thursday

Well the tent erection was over, so now to go and explore the site and see what is happening.  First a lager to replenish all that lost fluid, and a quick look at the Glastonbury guide to plan Friday's bands. Must go and see, Ian Dury, Blondie, Hole, REM, Dark Star.

The administrative work complete, wondered over to Green Fields and the stone circle, then back on down to Jazz World. Some bands were playing, (Sound Check). First band I watched was Cantaloop. Hey there were not bad. Rock, with a Sax player.

The weather was fine, with cumulus clouds, although they had overdeveloped. So no getting sun burnt at this time.

The next band on was at 5.30 and were called Big World Skunk. Eight piece Funk band , 2 Sax/Trumpet, 2 guitars, 1 drum, 1 keyboard, 1 tambourine, Tom Tom etc. Guest Asir Amrit sang a few numbers.

Had a good time with this band.

7.30, and another band was being set-up, when an announcement was made that there would be no more live music today at Jazz World. The festival was not licensed for live music on the Thursday. They had been fined and told no more music.

I wondered around the site. Looked at all the stages, and the film stage. Plenty of camping space available, especially over by the file stages. Passed by a possible Internet cafe in a red London bus. http://www.boxman.co.uk . It turned out to be a place where I could send emails, but was an on-line CD shop.

8.45 back at the tent. No one was around

9.30 Sent an e-mail from the red bus. Then onto the film set where I watched Antz, followed on by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The last film was cut short because again the festival did not have a licence to show films on Thursday.

Oh well off to bed.  Kept awake by dance music all night.  Finally in the morning I realised it was from the tent/stockade just 10 meters away.  I had thought the sound was from green fields.