Monday - Telavi Nekresi


On the way back in the bus, we stopped and looked at the Nekresi church. Here we climbed the tower and rang the bell. Very good view from up here. To the East you could see the foothills very close, and the rest of the view was flat plains.
This church is one of the oldest churches in Georgia, a little basilica dating from the third quarter of the 4th century. In the 6th century was the base of the Syrian Father Abibos. In the next century a naved basilica was added.
Finally back home to Telavi for beers, and another meal which we really didn't need after all the food at lunch

View from the Tower looking at the wooded hill side.

View from the church tower across the roof and out onto the plain. It was very flat, lots of grapes being grown.
The local village
View through an arch on the church tower
A typical Georgian bus
A garden in Nekresi. See the hey stack. This was the first we saw of many. On the mountains there thousands of these in the most remote places
Nekresi church
Nekresi church