Sunday - Kutaisi to Vani

Up for a breakfast of Jams, Yogurts and huge brioche like buns, plus the usual boiled eggs. The storms have adjusted the roads, men were collecting tarmac debris, and the coach driver had to avoid the large holes in the road where the manhole covers had disappeared.

We drove to Vani, on the way there it seemed surprisingly prosperous, large well maintained houses in their own grounds. Even the road was better than normal. The fields were well tended with sweetcorn, under planted with melon.

At Vani there was a museum and an Archaeological Excavations. The museum had its own generator, and we had to wait while the man who could start it could be found. Eventually we heard it start, and we made a tour of the museum. We were followed around by some guards who turned lights on for us, then turned them off when we had finished in a section. The museum contained mostly weapons and tools. Adjoining the gallery was the treasury, locked and guarded. In here there gold artefacts from the excavations on the near by site.

Before we actually visited the museum we made a quick tour of the excavations. Much of the site has not been excavated, and there was not much to be seen.

The town was a bit of a ghost town, but seemingly had a whole row of taxis to serve it. pomegranate trees abounded. Kids were playing soccer on one pitch, shirts versus non shirts.

After this visit we returned back to Kutaisi and then on the Motsameta for lunch.