Thursday - Gadauri to Bakuriani - Bakuriani

After the visit to the cave town of Uplistikhe, we continued on to Bakuriani where we were going to stay for two nights. This was quite a long trip over pretty rough roads. At one point we passed through the town of Borjomi, which is a spa town. Here the Borjomi water is bottled. The bottling factory was rather derelict and did not appear to be operational. Apparently there was an area in the factory that still worked. We had to pass through this town several times in the next two days, and we always bought our water here as we passed through. There were several stalls outside the houses by the factory selling water.

From Borjomi to Bakuriani was another hour going up hill into what was a very popular ski resort in the Soviet times. There were several very large hotels built at the bottom of the ski slopes. These were now all ruined, broken windows, and cows walking in and out of them. The furthest hotel was still functional, and this was the one we stayed in. It must have had 200 rooms, and was quite grand at some stage.

The ski lifts were no longer functional, (save maybe one). The three ski jumps had trees growing up through the jump. The hotel had a huge restaurant which was not at all cosy. It was colored all in bright red with the usual dim lighting. Most of us decided to eat outside that night, the atmosphere of the restaurant was not conducive to eating. Outside there were some nice tables and some dogs (Puppy), the food we did not like we fed to the dogs. There was a definite hierarchy with these dogs and lots of squabbles.

At night we could hear the rats running through the partition walls and ceilings of the building. Joan and Ray Rolinson (70 year old) broke their bed with great hilarity.

The bar did not open for some time, and never had any change, so we ended in paying in dollars and getting sweets for change. The bar man was a young lad who wanted to live in the Bahamas.