Thursday - Goris

The Goris visit was for lunch. The lunch was provided by a family in their house. There was no running water and our hands were washed by girls with water from a jug. The group sat and ate at three tables, laden with all kinds of food. Steve's downfall at lunch was the mulberry vodka which on hind sight he may have had too much of.. In his defense, he says, he was preparing himself for the long four hour trip back to Yeravan. And anyway any problems were caused by the large amount of fruit juice consumed as afflicted some others the next day.

Everyone had a good time at lunch.

On the drive home th group stopped at a small monastery where one guy was imprisoned (287-301AD) in a pit and fed, legend had it, by bread left by a young widow every day in a crack in his prison. He was the Kings brother. He was freed when the King was ill. The King's wife dreamt that the Kings brother was still alive and only he could cure the King, which he did with 77 days of prayer.

Steve went down into the pit, the atmosphere was almost unbreathable with all the incense candle burning. Rosemary nearly kidnapped a Siamese cat, who's owner took exception at seeing her cat being handled.

On the journey back to Yeravan and the hotel Erebouni they passed Mt Ararat on the way. The hotel was built for the Soviet party members and foreign trade unionists. New furniture in the room and a hot water heater. Made the room very hot. The hotel used to be part of the Sputnik group, not Intourist.

The bus parked outside the house where we were having our meal. Hal and Fran Curtis on the left, Ken Mc Donnell, Rosemary Blasdale, Ray Rolinson outside after the meal at Goris Armenia.
On the right is the bus driver who took us through Armenia. Girl looking on at the festivities.
Our hosts and their neighbors at Goris, on the left is Jan Davie. Another picture of Clare Eaton
Young lad.. In the bus about to head off back to Yeravan, Hal Curis, and Derek Timpson.
Ian White, and Jan Davie Had to put the next three pictures in, because I stopped the bus on the way back. Impressive clouds and microwave relay station on the hill
Microwave relay station Microwave relay station