Tuesday - Telavi to Gudauri - Tbilisi

We were up very early and out by 8.00 am. Usual breakfast, said our farewells and left. We had a long trip today, back through Tbilisi and then up the Georgian Military Highway to a modern ski resort at Gudauri.

The first stop was Tbilisi where we visited the post office to send out post cards and exchange a little more cash. On the way in and through the city I look some pictures which I have included here. These were mainly taken on the move, and may not be annotated because I am not totally sure what they were of.

David the Builder in the Republic Square. King David IV Agmashenebelis. He was born in 1073. He made Georgia the most powerful state in the Near East, and economic strength led to a cultural Golden Age in the 12th Century. David died in 1125.

He appears to have build the whole of Georgia. There were statues of him all over.
The parade stand, built by the communists for the May day parades.