Tuesday - Telavi to Gudauri - Dzhvari

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After our quick visit to Tbilisi we set off for the Georgian Military Highway. On the way to Gudauri we would stop at a number of churches, and of course lunch. Fist stop was the Dzhvari church, this is high on a rock outcrop. From here there was wonderful views of the town of Mtskheta (and Sveti Tshoveli) across the river Aragvi. Views of the Military Highway and the M27 road.

View of Dzhvari from restaurant
After this stop, we then went down into the valley and had lunch in the open. This was really the first restaurant I had seen. Lunch was cheese, salad, a red bean soup, bread and a minced type meat in a pancake. All of course washed down with beer. There were some nice little cats which were fed by us. They were quite nervous.

View of Dzhvari from restaurant
View of Dzhvari from approach road.
After lunch we visited the main cathedral of Sveti Tskhoveli. This had scaffold around the tower. There was also the nunnery of Samtavro five minutes to the North. This we did not visit.

View of Samtavro from Dzhvari
The church name. Sveti Tskhoveli (Life Giving Column), derives the name from the cedar which grew from the grave if Sidonia who was buried clutching part of Christ's crucifixion robe. This cedar was felled to build St Nino's first church here, and one column supposedly hovered in the air until Nino brought it down by prayer.

The first church was build of wood in the 4th century, and was replaced in 575. The present church was build in 1010-1029 incorporating the 6th century building. It is now the largest church in Georgia.

View of Sveti Tskhoveli from Dzhvari
Bushes outside of the churches will be covered with small pieces of cloth ties to them.
View of road from Dzhvari