Tuesday - On the Way to Lake Sevan

After the Monastery, we went for lunch in Alaverdi. What a lunch. Never been so stuffed in my life. Masses of different salads, cheese, plate of fresh herbs including red basil that Ray Law says is the estrogon in the recipes. Then we had masses of barbecues pork, chips, chocolate cake, thick yogurt melon and Turkish coffee. It was a feast!!

Then we were off to the monastery complex of Agarstin, bad roads on the way with few drivers. At the monastery we encountered a Lebanese choir and fifty followers who sang mass beautifully. The church was beautifully positioned in woods including a 700 year old walnut tree.

View into valley at Alaverdi where we ate lunch. Agarstin monastery
Agarstin Agarstin
.The monastery walls, and our red bus.

After the monastery we continued on the way to Lake Sevan. We stopped on the way and Clare had yet another ride on a horse. The views of Lake Sevan, when we saw it were beautiful. The lake has lost several feet of water because of hydroelectric exploitation. This has resulted in some new islands, and the appearance of a tide mark, although an old tide mark.

Clare capturing a horse on the way to Lake Sevan. Clare now on the horse
View of the lake from the road into Lake Sevan Old boy on horse
.Some children playing at Lake Sevan Truck on the way out from Lake Sevan