Wednesday - Kazbegi

Up at 8.00am for breakfast. I had fried eggs, sausage, while R had cereal. On to the bus at 9.00 for the ride to Kazbegi. Several stops on the way up there to admire some views. Some of the places we stopped at were:

  • The Russian monument build in 1983 to celebrate 200 years of Russian rule
  • The highest point on the Georgian Military highway 2379 meters.
  • Taste the mineral waters, these were fizzy with a strong metallic flavour.
  • A view of a village
  • Kazbegi
On the way we stopped at the 1983 Russian Monument. This looked a little like some king of modern Bus Shelter. The Monument celebrated 200 years of Russian Rule. How little they predict the coming world events.

Here we have a few up towards the North
A Waterfall
A view towards the highest Mountain range in Europe. The Caucasian range. There are several peeks over 5000 meters in height. The one we were heading to was Kazbegi which is 5033 meters high.
The Russian Bus Station

Steve and Rosemary at the highest point on the Georgian Military Highway. This remote desolate place was at 2379 meters.
A village on the other side on the way to Kazbegi.
Kazbegi. Small town, we were able to buy beers when we returned from the walk. The town was known as Stepan-Tsminda. It is now named Kazbegi after Alexander Kazbegi (1848-93) a local noble who became a well loved poet. Imagine a town, a mountain and a beer named after you.