Wednesday - Kazbegi


At Kazbegi, we hiked up to the Gergeti Trinity church. Once upon a time there was a cable car to the church. This was now ruined. The remnants of cable and a tower were still be seen. The walk took a couple of hours and we split up very much into the slow and fast group. We had good views of the mountains, the town and the valley. The weather was fantastic, the grasshoppers abounded in the grass. On the way up we passed a cemetery. Small individual plots with very ornate metal railings and often picnic benches. The cemetery was high up above Kazbegi village.

In all the valleys around we could see stoops of hay. Some in the most impossible of positions. At this time of year there were some still being made, and others were being carted into storage by horse and cart. We were told that many of the spooks did not come down until winter, when they would be slid down the mountain on planks of wood. over the snow.

The Church on top of the hill The way up
We are now above the tree line. Not so far to go now. The church
Clare Eaton borrowed a horse from some locals for a quick ride A thermaling bird
Rosemary Blasdale makes it to the top At the top
At the top At the top
Ray Law climbing the church The church
inside the church of Gergeti Statue of Kazbegi
Ken McDonnell and Margaret Kennedy Derek Timpson, Ray Law and Ken McDonnell