Wednesday - Kazbegi


After the walk, we revived with a few beers and then continued up the road towards the Russian border. Here we were not allowed to take photos. Nino negotiated with the Georgian guards to allow us to cross into no mans land to view the Russian side. Clare was not so keen, so we were not allowed. No photos of the border, as we were not allowed to take any. With the number of guns I was not going to take the risk.

So it was back to Gudauri for some beer and supper at 8.00

  • Soup to start
  • Mixed dishes for the main meal
  • Chips
  • Chicken dish
  • Meat dish with rice
  • Shredded Beetroot
  • Chilies including arcacia flowers
  • Picked tips or buds of some plant
  • Salad
  • Tarts with cream

We also drank a bottle of red wine, not too bad followed by beer at the bar and some good vodkas.

View from the hotel window, with the cattle on the grass. The road was the road up from the valley. The lorries moved up it at a walking pace. Not pretty view of the Satellite dish
Tomba the Georgian Sheep Dog playing with Ken McDonnell Tethered outside was a Georgian Sheep Dog. ken made great friends with the animal. It was a large dog kept on a long chain. His name was Tomba, and was the nephew of the world champion.