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Silchester Roman Archeological Site Sunday 5th August.

This was the third visit of the Berkshire branch of the Cambridge Society to the Silchester site.  We met for a picnic lunch at 1.00 pm and then were escorted round the excavations by one of the site experts from Reading University.  The site is excavated for 6 weeks a year, in the summer, mainly be students from Reading.  

Today the sun shone, and we had a wonderful day.

View of the Silchester site from where we had a picnic

This man was excavating large amounts of earth

View across the site

The hole behind the the person in the foreground was an old well

View across site from opposite end. In foreground, the gravel was an old street

Again gravel was old street

The people on the Berkshire trip

Selina and Rosemary

View of site from North side, you can just see the old road from the excavated area to the gate behind me. The road shows as an area with less weeds in the grass.

The Gate behind me

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