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Has Spring arrived, a walk around Wotton Underwood. — 3 Comments

  1. Hi, to Steve from Alysbury UK it’s me Glenys from Western Australia. pc broke so using a borrowed one for now. new e-mail seem to be changing e mails like clothes. but am sticking with this one as my main one for now. Could you please phone me or txt me via my mobile, your personel direct e mail. Cheers Glenys

    • Sorry not to reply before. I have only just seen this comment. I will email you my email address to the one you commented with. Hopefully you have an android phone and pick up emails on that.

  2. Hi steve and rosemary, It’s me again. above e-mail now is what i’m sticking with at present, hope others will die a natural death. Your welcome to come and walk around our lakes and dams. It proberbly will be like your summer.
    I hope you liked the photo. Not the most complementy. Oh well. Can’t all be perfect.
    Haven’t heard from you in a while, supposed you running aroung like a blue bum fly, as we say in oz. Since i got my laptop I’ve been very busy trying to down size my gear thorough ‘gumtree’ It’s also been great checking out your rentals and finding them so much cheaper than here in Perth. Prices have shot up so much people are finding that they are paying for a room what they used to pay for a house not so long ago.
    A friend who is a computer wiz like you has just gone back to India. He and his friends have helped me lots with using my p.c. Plus I’ve been trying out new things. I sent him a pic today, not me of course but “the mona lisa” titled oh! what a lovely babe.
    I know of a person who looks a lot like the ‘mona lisa” she does not agree but I think I will sent her a copy and see what she thinks.
    Mind you I now realise why the guy who sold it to me, sold it cheap, while typing it jumps over to another part of the screen and closes down a page while i’m using it. Well it will have to do for now, till i go overseas. Thinking of going to India first and staying about a month then on to the U.K. Priya say that if i go about Septmber/ October it won’t be to hot then. It will be good to meet other people and experience a different culture. He would be an interesting person for u to meet. If you like and he says o,k I’ll send you his e-mail. You would have a lot in common. I meet him on the train going to Perth. He says he is glad to be back home because the food is more in tune with his stomach. Hot and spicy. He was working for IBM in Perth. I think he wanted to stay a bit longer in Perth but they would not sponser him. He was overseeing their day to day operations in their I T department. I gess that’s a highly skilled talent. Is it?
    I’ve registerd for the ‘Blasdale Blog’ site, that will be another thing to challage me, bring it on.
    Well as much as I’d like to rattle on, my neck is giving me pain and It’s getting on for one am here, so the body says sleep so i must obey.
    Cheers and good health and all that to you and yours. Glenys

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