This year we had an archaeological theme with two organised trips with the tour company Andante who specialise in archaeology.  The first trip was to Italy, Pompeii and Herculaneum, our second Andante trip was to Namibia to view the rock art.. There was also the usual Cambridge Society weekend, this time to the Malverns.  Stephen managed to get to  Glastonbury 2013.

Pompeii, Herculaneum and Classical Campania. A tour with Andante Travels. 3rd September 2013 - 9th September 2013

Rock Art in Namibia 21st October 2013 - 5th November 2013

On the 8th of August 2013 Rosemary and I attended the funeral of Jean Hadley at Salcombe. The service took place in the Holy Trinity church. She was then buried in the cemetery on Bonfire Hill overlooking Salcombe Harbour.

18th - 19th May - visit to Leicester, visit of William Hastings (executed by Richard III) unfinished masterpiece. Then Bosworth, and finally Leicester Cathedral.

21st June Rosemary and I visited the Kaffe Fassett exhibition in London

Ann's birthday party weekend 20th September, in Blakeney, Norfolk. House rented for the weekend and family to stay. The weather was gorgeous as you can see from the pictures.

Norman and Valerie cam to visit, so we had a quick trip around Waddesdon Manor and Windmill Hill Archive Centre. The dining tables in the house were decked out in folded napkins, this was an exhibition called \'Folded Beauty Masterpieces in linen by Joan Sallas (A man)\'

Eyrhrope a small hamlet near Waddeson where Lord Rothschild hangs out when he stays in the country. This was an open day for people who work for him, or work for Waddesdon Manor National Trust. You will see pictures of his vegetable patch, the greenhouse erected in the early 60s and the cultivated cut flowers.

Well I made Glastonbury 2013, my sixth Glastonbury, the last 4 all in a row, This time I arrived on Wednesday evening, driving up from Bournemouth where I had been working. Arrived at 7 to a nice sunny evening, pitched my tent in a quiet spot and met up with Ed for a few pints. Weather wise it rained on Thursday evening and most of the night, and cleared up for a lovely festival weekend. Bands I saw all the head lines on the Pyramid stage, Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones and Mumford and Sons. Other bands to remember were Nick Cave, and Vampire Weekend. The rest of the weekend was a bit of a haze.

The annual Berkshire Cambridge Society weekend away on the 24th - 26th May saw us meet in Worcester, visit the Cathedral and Worcester museum, walk the Malverns, visit the 'Malvern water cure' sites, go on the Elgar's birthplace and finally visit Croome Court.

27th May saw the sun shine and the Kingswood village BBQ in the circle. The tug of war against Tony Blair\'s village had been delayed until August, so instead a BBQ was scheduled in its place.

Various pictures from the year, too few to warrant their own gallery. Winnies Wake, Davids birthday, The Cambridge botanical garden, The new Birmingham library and the Bull in the Bull ring, Julies birthday cake.

Photographs of wildlife at home, or within cycling distance of our house. Presently pictures from The Lake at Wotton Underwood


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