2010 A year of Blasdale anniversaries

This year started with the 90th birthday celebrations for Winnie Wilkinson.  The meal was at the Titchfield visitor centre. Rosemary Blasdale not to be bettered  had her 60th birthday in Devon. A house party in  Wortham Manor were our friends came and stayed.  Then we had Rosemary’s life long friend Jen’s 60th birthday party celebrations.  This was a surprise party at the Cat Head Inn which they were tenants.  The usual Cambridge Society  weekend trip took place in North Devon, where we visited Lundy Island. I managed to make Glastonbury, this time with Rosemary.  The first and final time with Rosemary.  We had a holiday up in Scotland, instigated by Ravi and Maggie who had arranged a party in Inverness to celebrate the life of Maggie’s parents and launch the Hossack society.  After all the 60th birthdays, there was Joan and David’s 50th wedding anniversary party.  Our timeshare in Guernsey was coming near to its end, so we went to Guernsey in October with John and Carol, and celebrated a Blasdale  birthday, mine.  Christmas this year was an usual Christmas.  It snowed in the preceding days, and was a lovely sunny cold and white Christmas.

Snow scenes from our home over Christmas. Yes, we had a White Christmas with Selina and Phil staying over. One turkey demolished. Ok, is was not a big one, and now I am missing the turkey crumble and currey.

Our annual holiday at La Grande Mare hotel, Vazon Bay, Guernsey, accompanied by John and Carol. Some pleasant walks around the island and super suppers served in the evening. There were some unpleasant days, but definitely no unpleasant meals served by the dinner chef.

September 29th saw the start of the Cambridge alumni weekend. This gallery contains pictures of Queens college, the ADC theatre and the economics department Phillips machine.

A visit to Edinburgh during the last week of the Festival. Most of the pictures are night time. These were taken on the 24th and 25th August 2010

David and Joan's 50th Wedding Anniversary on the 22nd August 2010. Held in The Chalk Lane Hotel in Epsom and at their house in Ashtead.

24th July, Rosemary and I visited the hunting, shooting and fishing festival, the CLA Game Fair. We must say the food at these events is not a patch on Glastonbury catering. The pictures are from the dog and gun stand, a chase, where the dog runs after a lure, anyone can enter their dog. There also was a pageant of birds of prey marking the history of hunting with birds.

14th August - Visit to Norwich. We had lunch at the Ship Inn at South Walsham where there seemed to be a Groom\'s pre-wedding drinking party. Pictures of the coach and horses. We then went onto Ranworth Broad where we visited the church and viewed the the greatest Rood screen in East Anglia. It stretches right across the church, aisles and nave. Finally a trip on Ranworth Broad in an electric boat to view the birds.

We visited the National Trust house, Greys Court on the 26th April. The house was not open, but the gardens were fabulous. We arrived a little too early for the wisteria walk, which received much coverage on the local television service a couple of weeks later. The bluebells were marvellous.

We visited Asthall Manor to view the exhibition of stone sculpture. The day was hot and sculpture was hot, literally in a few cases.

Our main holiday for 2010 was Scotland. There was the Hassock Institute launch party in Inverness, followed by a week in the Cairngorms National Park, and the a visit down memory lane to Helensburgh

Rosemary and I went to the Glastonbury Festival from Thursday 24th to Monday 25th June 2010. I had a good time, R said she would never go again.

The Annual Tug of War Match between Kingswood and Wotton Underwood. As is usual Tony Blair and Cherie Blair did not attend. Good thing, if their bodyguards had been on the Wotton side, then Kingswood may have lost. The men won for Kingswood, the women lost. The children\'s, not sure who won, there was an awful lot of cheating on all sides.

The Berkshire branch of the Cambridge Society visit Dunster, Lundy and Arlington Court. Friday 21st May - Sunday 23rd 2010

Rosemary and I travelled down to Somerset to help celebrate Jen's 60th birthday. We stayed a couple of nights at Ken and Sue's house, spending an enjoyable evening in the local gastro pub, in very [too?] easy walking distance. On the Sunday afternoon we arrived at The Cat Head Inn to surprise Jen.

Rosemary celebrated her 60th birthday with friends at Wortham Manor, Lifton, Devon. We stayed here for a week starting Friday 19th March.

The 90th Birthday Celebrations for Rosemary's mum, Win, held in The Wigeon Room, Titchfield Haven Visitor Centre.

Various pictures around home and nearby. Steve on driving experience, hot air balloon and winter is coming.