Rosemary started working for Altergo part-time, writing and editing manuals. David suddenly resigned from the company. As the end of March approached, Altergo went under. No pay for the last month. The receivers were called in. Rosemary contacted her old company, MSP, to see if they would buy Altergo. Several companies were interested. Eventually, after weeks, Altergo was bought by Software Sciences a branch of Thorn EMI. In the meantime, Steve applied for jobs at IBM and Rothmans. He was offered jobs by both of them. The IBM job would have meant moving to Warwick and the pay was not so good.

We both continued to work in Aylesbury for the remains of Altergo.

I would go sailing on the Solent on the sail board Rosemary had bought me.

Christmas was at Lodge Farm with Mike. Winnie and John also stayed at lodge farm for Christmas.