We spent two weeks in France, driving over to the Alps in the BMW. The first week we stayed at the ski resort of Les Deux Alpes. Steve was always up early do go skiing in the morning. Icy early, then slushy at midday. Rosemary and Selina went rafting and walking while Steve was in the mountains.

The second week we stayed just outside of La Clusaz in a chalet with a family of four and two single men. Food and adventure were included in the package. We had a different activity each day. The food and wine were excellent. I had booked this holiday from a three-line advert in a national newspaper. It was run by a young man, he hired catered chalet from an English couple who provided the accommodation and meals.

One day we went Canyoning, sliding and abseiling down waterfalls. Jumping off cliffs into deep pools of water. Getting the direction wrong you would land in shallow water.

Another day we went white water rafting. Here we were divided into groups. I went with the brave ones to attempt the more dangerous rapids. Rosemary lost her front teeth to a French man who hit her teeth with a paddle. Her teeth were rebuilt by a French dentist the same day on Lake Annecy.

Another day we went walking on the glacier. We even climbed cliffs of ice with our axes and pitons. Rosemary was not impressed by the French men who climbed over her as she climbed down the ladder to the ice.

We had a paragliding day, which started over Lake Annecy. We all were taken up by a French paraglider pilot, landing down at lake level. A couple had to wait another day because conditions became unflyable. They flew instead at La Clusaz.

We also had a day at La Clusaz tobogganing on wheeled sledges running in a stainless steel half tube. This seemed so much faster, and potentially hurtful compared with the toboggans at Les Deux Alpes. Indeed one of the girls had an accident and was covered with bandages that evening.

One lovely evening was spent in the mountains on quad bikes, eventually stopping at a mountain restaurant for a fabulous meal. This was such a memorable holiday.