On Thursday we set forth to Glastonbury.  We arrived and parked the car near to Gate Six at around 14.00.  Selina and I unloaded the car and carried the tent, food and everything else through to the site.  We searched for a place to erect the tent.  At last, finding a site to the right of the Other Stage.  We erected the tent and took a look around the festival site.

Memorable events was seeing the Foo Fighters for the second time on Friday. I had just seen them at the OzzFest. At Glastonbury we had to wait for the World Cup match to finish where England were playing some other team. It absolutely bucketed down during the match and the Foo Fighters. I walked back to the tent , and listened to Catatonia at the Other Stage, lying in my sleeping bag.

When we arrived back, there seemed to be twice as many tents as there were before.


This great South African band played first on the Saturday on the Other Stage. They were totally percussion. They were Great. As well as the percussion, they performed acrobatics along with the music. They played again on Saturday at the Jazz stage. I watched them there as well. The second performance was not so good because they compromised their music with some electronic effects

The Campsite

This is the campsite.  It was on the Other Stage field next the old railway line. (This area is no longer a camping area). We were quite close to the metal road, the aim was to make it easy to find the tent.

Glastonbury toilets

No description of Glastonbury would be complete without pictures of the loos. On the left are the men/women bogs. I admit this is the worst possible picture of them I could find. I thought they were OK, but then I am a man. Men also have access to urinals,  surrounded by stinking mud.  Yes the smell was something.

Father and Daughter at Glastonbury

Some pictures of us around the site. You will see it is difficult to photograph Selina.

Glastonbury Mud

What photographer would not take pictures of Glastonbury Mud. The year of 1998 had plenty to offer, including the odd flooded out car.


The ‘Y’ fronts. These images were taken of the Standard of the house of Dylan in front of the Pyramid Stage during the time reign of Tori Amos. Oh, and the owner of the ‘Y’ fronts was called Dylan.  He also had a large inflatable settee.  Good for the muddy conditions.

Dr Didge

This is Dr Didge playing the didgeridoo.  He samples the music, and overlays many samples he records live on the stage.  Quite entertaining and unusual.

The Sacred Field and Stone Circle