Flew to Paris. After checking into the hotel, we visited Montmarte, wandering through the streets, seeing the Black Cat and various homes of dead famous artists. Saw the Basilique du Sacré Coeur, but did not enter it. Back down onto the main street near Pigalles, amongst all the porn shops, we stopped for a drink. The evening was now on to us, so ventured back into Montmarte where we found a restaurant serving very french food. Reasonable fare, probably the best of the whole week.


Started off with an excellent breakfast in the hotel Radisson. Onto the Metro and off at the Louvre. Spent the morning at the Louvre and did a very skim viewing.

After the Louvre it was a gentle stroll up the Champs Elysee to the Arc De Triomphe. Stopped for a coffee break in a cafe off the main drag.

Onto the metro and a trip out to the business district of La Défense. Here there are masses of modern architecture. From here we walked back into town, mainly so we could use our metro ticket. We were outside the zone we had bought for. The pictures in order take you back into the city. We stopped off for a drink in an Irish bar.


Saturday saw us going to another district of Paris. Started off at the Pantheon where the good and the great of France are entombed.

Having done the Pantheon, we headed over to the Notre Dame. Ate lunch here, buying some bread from a stall at the bread fair. We just took a walk around the cathedral, didn’t take the optional tour onto the roof.

The afternoon was spent at the Musée d’Orsay, which is housed in the former Gare d’Orsay. That evening we visited the Musee de l’erotisme and ate at a Creole restaurant. The food was not an exciting experience.


Sunday we met an American guide outside the underpass where Diana had been killed. He took us on a tour of the Paris Sewers where they are open to the public.

Next, it was on towards the Eiffel tower. On the way, we passed Jean Nouvel’s Musee du Quai Branly. We did not enter but marvelled at the vertical garden created on the exterior of the building.

On to the Eiffel Tower. Rosemary caught the lift to the second floor, while Steve walked the 700 steps to the second floor. There he caught the lift to the top. Alas, the visibility was crap, so the views were very poor.

Now wet and miserable, a brief stop in a cafe for a drink before moving on to the Military Museum. Then supper in an overpriced rotten Paris restaurant.


Our last day, so off to the Pompidou centre. First, we saw that very common French hotel chain, (Hotel De Ville), where they were setting up for a garden exhibition.

Finally a visit to the Pompidou Centre for another dose of modern art.