We were up early for our morning Chobe game drive, meeting outside at 05:45.  Our driver was Roy, and we were seated in the Land Cruiser with rugs over our legs.  There followed a fast drive to the reserve along metalled roads.   Once at the reserve we were checked in and then took the track along the Chobe river.  Generally we were high above the river, looking down on the animals watering.

During the first part of the drive we saw the usual Impala, Buffalo, Fish Eagles and Marshal Eagle, White backed vultures, Tree squirrels, Lilac Breasted Rollers, Giraffe and Kori Bustard.

Our guide was not as good as our guides in Moremi, and we had to get him to stop.  We were making the sightings and not him.  We did hear from him that there were some Lion, but some distance away and that we would have to forego our coffee break.  We raced to where the Lion were, driving through thousands of dragonflies.  When I say thousands, I mean thousands.  I have never ever seen so many.


We reached the Lions, but there were loads of other vehicles also trying to see them.  We had to queue and wait our turn to see these Lion. We waited our turn and watched the lionesses and young play.  There were three sleeping together, so cute.  We left, leaving others to have their turn an viewing the lion.


Good spot of a Tawny Eagle on the way back to the lodge.  Back at the lodge we dumped our stuff and had breakfast.  Pretty good breakfast, except for the coffee.  Plenty of choice of food, including Impala sausages and eggs cooked every way.

River Cruise

We had a relaxing read, and internet afternoon (very frustrating, it was a bit slow) and lay around until the afternoon boat ride.  The cruise started off in a similar fashion.  This time we saw a good herd of elephant in the river, the usual pods of Hippo with lots of alpha males doing their yawning.

I had many opportunities to take pictures of flying birds, including Grey Heron taking off and landing, a Squacco heron and a couple of Pied Kingfishers fishing.

On the river back we saw several crocodiles and a Monitor Lizard searching for crocodile eggs.

It was a good trip, with the same guide Issac again being very enthusiastic.  We stayed on the river until the sun had set, drinking our G&Ts