We had a 9.00 am Condor ferry booked from Poole harbour, so instead of rushing down in the morning, we decided to travel on the previous evening and park at the ferry port. The weather was appalling, raining most of the way to Poole.  We arrived and parked in the waiting lanes for the ferry, with about twenty other mobile homes waiting for the Cherbourg ferry. There are nice loos there, and a café, closed when I arrived, but open in the morning where we could buy coffee and bacon rolls.

We boarded the ferry in sunshine and were soon on are way to Guernsey.  The ferry crossing is three hours.  As we approached Guernsey the clouds came in.  We docked and were one of the first off the Condor. Drove to the bus kiosk and dropped Rosemary off to buy a Puffin card.  No parking near by, even for a Smart car.  Ten minutes later I picked Rosemary up and drove to the Waitrose in the centre of the island.  This shop has always been there in all the times we have visited,   This is its third re-incarnation, being a Safeway and some other supermarket in previous lives.  Provisioned we headed to Vazon Bay for lunch.  This used to be home to the “Biker Café”, but it has been smartened up into a Bistro and Bar.  It still sells snacks, tea in mugs and “Biker Coffee”, instant coffee with a slug of warm milk. 

After lunch, a walk to La Grande Mare to take a nosey around and to see if Twinkle the cat was still alive.  The staff reported the cat was still alive, though we were unable to see her.  Checked out the menus and decided we will be back for lunch one day.

Now to the campsite, checked in to a pretty empty place. One other motorhome and three tents.  Seems reasonable place, has beer and wine for sale, eggs, fresh bread and pain au chocolates for those who need food. 

Alas the evening was a bit chilly with an unwanted breeze adding to the cooling affect.  More wine was acquired to counteract the chill.

The forecast was for rain during the night and sun the next day.  Yes it rained, and the next day was a glorious day of sunshine.