We had a couple of holidays to Guernsey this year. We flew to Guernsey in May from Luton airport and stayed in a rental near Saint Peter Port. Hired a car so we could drive around. One of our first stops was Vazon bay, where there was a timeshare that had recently opened. We stopped and met the owners and heard about their plans for a hotel and golf course on the site. We ended up during the week putting down a deposit on a week in October around my birthday.

The rest of the holiday was building sand castles and paddling in the sea.

We had another holiday in Guernsey in October, flying out from Southampton and staying in the timeshare. Mike flew out and stayed with us as well. We used the Beau Séjour Leisure Centre extensively, as well as a few quick dips in the timeshare pool.

Christmas was at Lodge Farm, John and Winnie also stayed at Lodge Farm as well as my brother.

At work, I had an interview with David Brownlee for a job at Walker. Walker was an American company selling financial software. He was opening the UK and Middle East branch of the company. The job came to nothing, though my manager Peter moved to Walker. Later in the year Rosemary and I were again approached by David. The interviews and job offer took time to arrive, though the BMW colour charts arrived quickly. In my last days at Altergo, I installed a second hand 4341 for development. I also seeming spent time doing system programming from home on my BBC micro and acoustic modem connected to GUTS (Gothenburg University Time Sharing). Think we used the BBC micro also to do word processing and uploading files to the mainframe. Rosemary was involved in writing standards manuals and using SCRIPT to format them. Eventually, at the end of the year, I left Altergo and joined Walker in the new year.