I have put together a selection of pages of pictures from Grendon Underwood and the local area.

Kingswood and Wotton parishes battle it out for the annual tug of war on Monday Bank holiday 25th May 2009. This was the first time for two years that the tug of war was completed on the scheduled day. The sun came out to play, there was no flooding and we all had a jolly good time. Unusually Kingswood were able to field a full team of pullers, and the men won. The women were not so successful and let the Kingswood side down.

Visit by the Buckinghamshire branch of the Cambridge Society around the Westcott rocket establishment. Took place on the 29 August 2009. Now called the Westcott venture park

The Annual Tug of War Match between Kingswood and Wotton Underwood. As is usual Tony Blair and Cherie Blair did not attend. Good thing, if their bodyguards had been on the Wotton side, then Kingswood may have lost. The men won for Kingswood, the women lost. The children\'s, not sure who won, there was an awful lot of cheating on all sides.

Snow scenes from our home over Christmas. Yes, we had a White Christmas with Selina and Phil staying over. One turkey demolished. Ok, is was not a big one, and now I am missing the turkey crumble and currey.

Invited to a lunchtime birthday party. It was Annie’s **th birthday. Was meant to be a surprise, but one guest replied to Annie, in the belief that a husband could not be organising anything on his own. What a sexist thought. Weather not quite up to scratch, they even had the central heating on, and the Aga roaring away, but it didn't stop us all having a lovely time.

Friday night at the Plough and Anchor, Kingswood. R&B band playing some old favourites.

Images of Dragonflies, Damselflies and other things that take my fancy from within a short distance of where I live. Some are from the garden, while others are from Rushbeds Wood.

Kingswood celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a village meal, and BBQ, Shoot and tug-of-war against Wotton.

Waddesdon Manor dressed for Christmas 2012

27th May saw the sun shine and the Kingswood village BBQ in the circle. The tug of war against Tony Blair\'s village had been delayed until August, so instead a BBQ was scheduled in its place.

Norman and Valerie cam to visit, so we had a quick trip around Waddesdon Manor and Windmill Hill Archive Centre. The dining tables in the house were decked out in folded napkins, this was an exhibition called \'Folded Beauty Masterpieces in linen by Joan Sallas (A man)\'

Kingswood fireworks held at George and Annies


Picture Albums from around Grendon Underwood — 2 Comments

  1. Steve, William Rainey from Walker! I am finally going through my MANY MANY MANY thousands of photos going back to the 1920’s (my family has always liked photograph), scanning the non-digital ones, and posting them. I have a lot from the Aylesbury office I can scan and give to you to do with as you like.

    Here is a link to one I do not remember taking in May, 1989. Was it taken from/of your house?


    Cheers, Will

  2. I asked our village Facebook group, and they came back with Westlington Manor. It is on the main road between Thame and Aylesbury. Most probably you saw the cottage as you were travelling by in a bus.

    The link below is to street view. I am pretty sure it is the same cottage, there has been a large growth of vegetation around it.


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