We start the year in Winslow with heavy snowfall. From the pictures, you can see the garden wall has been rebuilt. It fell over in the wind in December while we were at a Walker Christmas party. We only knew about it when a neighbour told us it had fallen over into the next-door neighbours garden. The wall was rebuilt using the same bricks, reversed. The weather-worn sides of the bricks were placed facing towards the centre of the nine-inch wall. After the rebuild I did some clearing up, removing the vine from on top of the neighbours shed. They were about to demolish it. You can also see the bathroom on the side of the house, this was rebuilt because the previous one was leaking.

Steve visited Saudia Arabia to install the Walker R3 version of the software. He left with lots of large boxes and a large excess baggage bill paid by Paul Kilroy. The system was installed, though it was a few extra days before he was allowed to fly home. On route back, his luggage took a different trip and never was reunited.

We visited Iron bridge and the Seven Valley railway. You can see me riding the swings. I felt decided sick.

The summer holiday was to Cornwall where we stayed in a cabin in a forest. On the way down and back we stopped to see Jean in Wambrook. On holiday, I half drowned Selina in the Pond where she fell in. Had a good time at Dobwalls, built huge sandcastles at Looe and visited Lanhydrock House and Garden.

Steve, Robert and Marilynn visited us in the Summer. I remember we went to Woburn Safari park and also visited Coombe Hill overlooking Aylesbury Vale where there is the Boer War Memorial.