In 1994 (I think) Mark Stevenson, Mike Eaton and I drove to Meribel in the company BMW to go skiing. We stopped off in Paris to pick up a friend of Mike’s and continued down to Meribel. Due to some mess up in the planning, (not me gov) we arrived a day too early. So we found a room down in the valley at Moutiers for the night. The next day we drove up to Meribel, parked, found the flat we had rented, hired our skis and went skiing for the next few days.

This was the first time I had skied since Rosemary and I had gone to Verbier when we first knew each other. We organised this ski trip as a result of a team-building exercise the previous year where I in presales, had gone to a dry ski slope. I realised I could still ski.

I did find my legs became totally knackered during this ski trip. Subsequent trips during the later years was so much easier.