In 2012 I visited  Connecticut Glastonbury three times.  I stayed in Wethersfield and frequented the pubs on the road there, mainly drinking and eating in the Tilted Kilt.  I worked in Connecticut Glastonbury nearby, driving there in a variety of rental cars.  The best car I has was a Mustang, alas it was only the 6 cylinder version and not the 8.

On the first visit I managed to visit a few places.  I  traveled to the West of Hartford and looked at the New England Air Museum.  This had masses of aircraft from the invention of flight and masses of military aircraft.  After the Air museum I moved on to the the Trolley Museum which had an excellent display of working  Trolley busses, and a long track.  There was also a museum of fire engines.

My next visit was for 4 days, so did not have time to see anything much.

I was back again for a longer trip, when I had my Mustang, and was able to visit Old Wethersfield in the fall.  Old Wethersfield claims to be the oldest town in the USA.  It has connections with Mark Twain, and the American Civil War. I saw around several house, Buttolph-Williams House , Joseph Webb House, Silas Deane House by some very friendly Americans. I believe Washington met some French rebel there and planned the ousting of the British.  Afterwards went into Hartford and saw the Butler-McCook house and the Rose Gardens at Elizabeth park.

Finally managed a trip out to Mystic seaport with Ian Rosethorne where they were reconstruction and preserving old sailing ships.  The seaport was an old whaling port.



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