Rosemary and I set off to France on the 12th September 2009 for a two week camping holiday. Our first stop was a a visit to Pierrefonds. The château is magical, and has become the set of the BBC Merlin series. The pictures show the /château/castle, and some of the BBC set used in the village scenes. Alas filming was not taking place, so we were not able to meet Uther Pendragon, Merlin or Arthur.

We camped in the municipal site for two nights before moving on to the South of France on the Monday. The weather forecast was poor, though we had some lovely weather for picture taking on the Sunday.

Monday 14th September we set off for the long trip South to meet John and Carol at a camp site near to Pézenas. By mistake we ended up on the Paris Peripheric at rush hour. Nice drive over the Millau bridge designed by the Brit Norman Foster. We eventually get to the camp site at Saint-Martin du Pin just outside Montagnac. Set up camp, drive to Pézenas and just manage to buy supper before closing time. Lovely dark skies, and we watch a satellite traverse the night sky.

Tuesday we tour about, drive to Mèze where I get a picture of a Hummingbird Hawk Moth. Back at the campsite we meet up with John and Carol.

Wednesday to the market town of Sète. Very busy, especially in the market where we buy a roti chicken for lunch. Supper was going to be Bonito Tuna from the fish stall, cooked by dinner chef.

Thursday was a day in Pezenas where we try to follow the historic tour. Alas my map reading skills must be diminished, or is it that the French map makers need to get to grips with geography? The night ended with a good display of Thunder and Lightening.

Friday was a rainy day, sat under John and Carol’s awning for breakfast, and then dinner of cassoulet.

Saturday was Carol’s birthday celebrated with a meal at the Oyster festival in Marseillan. Some strange people walking around playing musical instruments. Chose a restaurant where we had the obligatory sea food.

Sunday pack up day, where Steve discovered the cause of the ‘insect-in-inner-tent’ was in fact a mouse and toad living under the tent floor.

Our final week of the holiday was in the Marais, staying in a holiday gîte rented by our friends Linda and Mike. The week was spent exploring the nearby coast, or rather eating oysters and mussels. Trips were spent cycling along the paths by the drainage canals, or taking to the special Marais boats to explore the canals intimately.


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