Rosemary and I visited Ely on the 30th May – 1st June to celebrate the graduation of Emma (Maggie & Ravi’s niece) and Ravi’s upcoming 60th birthday. (We also think there must have been a 35the wedding anniversary for them, but this was not mentioned.).  We arrived on the Friday and parked in the Lamb Hotel car park. Started off with a lunch at the hotel, and then we walked down to Broad Street to listen to Indian Classical music in Saint Peter’s Church.  We were even heard Ravi singing.  In the evening we joined Ravi and Maggie in their home for curry and beer.  Later in the evening a few nightcaps in the hotel and the Minster Tavern.  I was in trouble when I got back to the hotel room in the early hours..

In the morning met John and Kate for breakfast in the Lamb.  Have not seen John for a couple of years after he retired from ABS. After a pleasant breakfast catching up, we spent the rest of the morning looking around Ely.  Very busy with the market and the OU graduation ceremonies.  We ate lunch down at the river (pies bought on the market) and then walked along the river to end with a drink at the Cutter before dropping in on Ravi and Maggie.  We then waited for Emma to come back from her graduation ceremony.  Back to the hotel for a rest, and then down to the Cutter for the celebration party.   Masses of food, and drink available with entertainment provided by singer Antony.  When we were last in Great Saling, Richard and Andrea introduced us all to Zafra’s restaurant in Finchingfield which had a singalong entertainer in the Sinatra/Buble mold. Ravi found out that Maggie’s sister Val had heard the same singer two weeks before in another restaurant in Essex.  So the singer, Antony Myers (, was hired to provide the entertainment for the evening.  As you see from the pictures he was a great hit.  Closing time came too soon, and we made our way back to the hotel, and some to Maggie and Ravi’s for a continuation of the evening.

Sunday morning a few of us worshipped in Ely Cathedral at the morning Sunday service.  The choir was pretty good.  Brought back memories of school days and Norwich Cathedral services.  Afterwards we met down at Maggie and Ravi’s for lunch (we have been royally entertained the entire weekend) and then we made our way home.

Ravi’s solo

Indian Classical music part 1

Indian Classical music part 2

Indian Classical music part 3

Indian Classical music part 4

Indian Classical music part 5





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