The night was not quite so quiet, roaring lion very close to our tent.  Usual early get up, but this time we had to pack and make sure we had washed before breakfast.  The camp staff were keen to start dismantling the tents while we were eating.

Today we were driving to the Moremi park.  The Moremi park is an official nature reserve where you are not allowed to drive off-road, and must be back at the campsite before dusk.

We started off with some more viewing in Khwai, first the usual stop to see the Hippo and then the Elephants on the river.  This time we spotted a sneaky crocodile in the water. Before we reached the river we saw lion spore on the road.  Yes, a Lion had been very close to out campsite during the night.

The landscape of the area was very mixed.  Green shrubs, trees, then there were whole desolate areas where there were blackened corpses of dead trees.  A fire, probably started by lightning,  a few years before had destroyed areas.  In these areas new shrub was springing up to replace the dead. The elephants had done little to help.

The highlight of the morning is split between a mother Leopard and her year old son playing rough and tumble in the grass and a troop of Baboons.  We were able to get close to the Leopard for some good photographs.   The troop of baboons was lead by a handsome male baboon who was walking a long way in the lead.  There seemed to be a procession of 50 plus baboons behind.  They followed at a distance each taking their own time, grazing on berries from trees, playing in the skeleton of dead trees, fighting and suckling.  Some small cute babies, and obnoxious teenagers.

Now we set off to Moremi crossing a wooden bridge to enter the game reserve.  We had to check in at the gate and then continued the drive to the campsite.  There was still some time to go, first stop was lunch, then more hippos in pools, black banded dragonfly which I believe is a Banded groundling brachythemis leucosticta.  Later we saw an even large crocodile in a pool, and finally in our camp side lake we had our own croc.

Just before we arrived at camp we saw some adorable tree squirrels.

Finally making camp at around 5.30 we saw our crocodile, and some African skimmers who sat by the shore, or skimmed.  They were there every day, and I made several attempts at photographing them.

At this campsite we showered, met for drinks sitting in our chairs around the campfire on the beach of the lake, listening to the laughing hippo noises.  (“Laughing” is not the sign of a happy hippo, more the sign of an aggressive one.) A good supper, and then some star gazing before an early night.




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