During the night we heard the laughing of the hippos and probably their movement as they browsed the undergrowth and moved from pool to pool.  In the morning there were now Hippos in our lake.  Up at the usual time, and out a little after 6. Today warthogs were on the menu.


Today we saw several herds of warthogs.  Previously we have had only fleeting views of them.  Today was Warthog Day.  There were also a number of Widebeest to be seen.  The large herd of Buffalo that were reportedly roaming around did not materialize.

We stopped by the lake side and watched the African Skimmers in the early morning dawn.  In the morning we went on a tour and headed over to bridge two.  On the way we saw Impala, Coucal, a Python climber vine, Grey Heron, Saddlebilled Stork, Wildebeest, Warthogs, and a Secretary Bird being mobbed by lots of other birds, as well as a Honeyguide Bird, Magpie Shrikes, African Darters and Spurfowl doing their cute Famous Grouse impressions.


After crossing the second bridge, we came across a pair of Hammerheads building their giant nest.  We could see them placing sticks carefully into the wall of the nest.  Hammerheads pair for life, and will use the same nest for years.  More Wildebeest, Warthogs,  Tsessebe and Giraffe.

On the way back to lunch the Landcruiser broke down.  The starter motor would not engage.  It was soon fixed and off we went back for our lunch.


During lunch and our rest period we were entertained by the Golden Weaver birds who have a fascination for the wingmirrors on the Landcruisers.  Even when the mirrors were facing down they still pecked at them.  They kept this up for several hours.  During the afternoon I took a short walk along the beach photographing dragonflies.  I think I have three species of yet to be identified dragons.  I intended walking up to the African Skimmers but was called back by the guides who feared for my safety.


The afternoon drive  started, but soon ended when the starter motor wouldn’t engage again.  Quick fix and off we went again.  This was the last of our problems with the Landcruiser.   This afternoon was again mainly birds.  We saw (and also saw a White Browed Coucal but it flew off before being photographed) Brown Snake Eagle, African Stonechat, a Lilac Breasted Roller eating a grasshopper and we also were very close to another LBR.  It was decided further photographing of LBRs would be banned unless they were doing something fantastic….but they are so cute & colourful, so it will be difficult. More Wildebeest, a Little Beeater and a Giraffe with Oxpeckers, both yellow and red billed.  Finally back at the lake in the dusk we could see the African Skimmers plus a couple of Greenshanks.

In the evening, the sky was really dark.  The moon which had been full had spoilt the view of the Milky Way.  Now the moon was rising quite late, so we had longer to admire the heavens.


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