Today was forecast as a brilliant day, and so it was.  The sun shone into the van at an early hour, but we were awake, the peacock had seen to that.  We left early picking up the bread and pain au chocolat as we left the campsite for the 9.11 bus into St Peter Port.  This arrived on time and we were whisked to our destination via the hospital.  Today we were catching the 10.30 ferry to Herm.  It should be a lovely day there.  Seems many others thought the same, as the ferry filled up.

The tide was low and we arrived at the steps and not the harbour.  More steps and we were on our counter clockwise walk around the island.  The first part is on the cliffs where bracken grows rather too profusely, smothering most other vegetation.  Various flowers were spotted and photographed as we walked around, although I did not photo the brromrape.

We stopped for tea at a Kiosk on a small beach where we had seen people swimming in late October. Today despite the warm sun, there was only one intrepid elderly couple dipping their toes into the sea.  Umbrellas and sun worshippers were in evidence. 

We continued to Shell Beach where we ate lunch.  Rosemary started her shell hunt.  As one couple said, the shells and sand urchins were small.  I ventured out onto the rocks and took a few photographs around the area.  A few other photographers were in evidence, one keen woman with a professional Canon lens.  It was always interesting to try and see what she had been photographing.   Many times, I was mystified.

We walked the rest of Shell Beach to the furthest point from the landing steps, when Rosemary announced we were to catch the 3.35 home, and we had 35 minutes to walk back.  We did make it in plenty of time, and thankfully our hurry meant we did not have to spend time in the shop.

Back to the camp site on the 81 bus.  I said we were going to Candie Road, was perplexed when the driver said, that’s just up the hill. He was soon stopping and telling us we had arrived.  No I said, the other Candie Road, just before the Little Chapple.  OK the road was named Rue du Candie, so technically I was wrong.

More cider was drunk at the campsite, and then we discovered someone new had arrived and they were parked in their VW next to us.

Some good photo opportunities as the sun set on the campsite, missed most of those.