Glastonbury 2011, a mixture of rain, mud and baking hot sun on the last day.  Spent my time more with DJ mix sets, and not the headline bands on the pyramid stage.  So missed out on Beyonce, Coldplay and U2.  Instead saw 2 Bad Mice, The Otway Band, Heliocentrics with Mulatu, Jimmy Cliff, chase and Status, found Pulp as a special guest at the Park Stage, Don McLean, Laura Marling, Paul Simon, Kaiser Chiefs and Queens of the Stone Age.  Plus lots of other stuff which I can’t know remember.

In the Gallery there are some pictures from Arcadia and the Tripod.   I saw a fantastic ballet show there, called the Arcadia Spectacula. I just wished I had my video camera for that.

I have some youtube videos as well as my picture gallery.   You might want to subscribe to  my youtube Chanel.

My Glastonbury 2011

Various scenes from Glastonbury 2011 festival including sun rise above The Park

John Otway

Aylesbury’s unfamous rock star.

Heliocentrics with Mulatu

Don McLean

Laura Marling

Paul Simom

Kaiser Chiefs

Queens of the Stone Age

Picture Gallery


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