Various pictures, some artistic, some recording events around the house, mainly they do not warrant a folder of their own.  To start with there is the removal of the weeping willow which was growing too large.  It now has been cut up and stored in the wood store.  The strange vehicle in the pictures is the chipping machine, or rather the container for the chipped wood. The chipper was being driven by a PTO from the vehicle.

The bird is an albino starling which we saw for a day in our poplar trees.  The starlings were using our poplars in the evening as a congregation point before flying off to roost, we believe in a marsh area at Otmoor. One set of starlings nested in the old Rayburn, I managed to photograph them. Typically the youngster fledged while we were away for the weekend.

The gardening has started, with the construction of a raised bed for a herb garden.  Rabbits be warned, if you start snacking, then there will be an electric fence and machine gun towers on the corners.  One night the rabbits started a new rabbit  burrow, filled it in, they have not started again.

A trip to Walsingham in Norfolk, and then down to the beach and then Wells-next-Sea for a breath of ozone.

A few days later we travelled down to Hill Head, walked around the beach, had lunch at the Osborne View in some lovely sunshine. We visited the Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve.  Visited all the eastern side hides. Some expensive cameras on display.

October we took a walk around Wotton Underwood (Tony & Cheri’s stomping ground).


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