Today was the last in Moremi, and for many in our group, this was their last day in Africa, but we were stopping over in Johannesburg for the night and the day after would see us flying to Zambia for the Victoria Falls. The highlights for today were the Common Slit-faced Bat and Mongoose.


We ate breakfast outside in the dawn . The  campsite started to be taken down during the meal.  There was urgency to the breakdown.  The staff had to clear the campsite and leave Moremi by eleven. We said goodbye to the staff, leaving a tip for them.

The morning drive to Moremi exit showed few animals, a water buck and a velvet monkey.

Moremi Exit and Common Slit-faced Bat

We stopped at the Moremi exit to sign out, go to the loo and drink coffee. Here, in the ladies loos a Common Slit-faced Bat was spotted. Dwarf Mongoose were spotted as they crossed the road.  They were here more for the food they could scrounge from us.  They were, so R said, “enchanting”. We continued on our journey stopping for a broken down Land Rover. They had a flat, but no wheel brace.  The Land Rover has a different wheel nut size to a Land Cruiser, so we couldn’t help them. Elephant were spotted in the bush.  I photographed one Ostrich on the way.


The tedious wait for the flight to Johannesburg started. We left on time, with free Biltong. At Johannesburg we said our goodbyes to the rest of the group and went through immigration and on to the Southern Sun Hotel at the airport.  Large modern hotel, showers were nice and refreshing. The buffet supper was expensive and rather so so.  Able to use the internet and responded to urgent issues.

Flight to Livingstone

Back  to the airport, making sure we ignored the portersand guides, who all want paying. Decided not to eat breakfast at the hotel, (extra), instead at at Jacksons in the airport  We checked in for the flight and waited to board for Livingstone.  The airport at Livingstone was new, but atrocious to get through immigration.  We were all queued up in the the wrongly labelled queues. The processing of the visas made was so slow making Miami look swift. The visas cost $50 each.

My first test of this holiday extension was about to be checked.  Would there be a driver waiting for us to take us to the hotel?  Yes there was.  This happened throughout the extension, there was always someone there waiting to transport us or guide as to schedule.  We have a nice room right on the river and can see the spray of Victoria Falls in the distance.

Manchester United and Leicester City

We make it to the bar to drink a Mosi beer,  and chill in the sun.  The bar has large TV with the Africans watching Leicester play Manchester United.  Yes, I did know premier football was a great British  export.  We meet several intrepid NZ & Aussie ladies who were travelling to Swakopmund in Namibia and back on an overland camping trip. Rosemary spots a microlight and starts to get cold feet. Tomorrow we are flying over the falls in one.  The ladies think we are brave and stupid.



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