We were up early for our flight over Victoria Falls.  Breakfast was not ready, so we ate little.  We were collected and delivered to the nearby microlight airfield.

Microlight Flight over Victoria Falls

We signed our lives away, and boarded our Microlights, one pilot and one passenger.  Rosemary and I flew at the same time, and we were able to see each other.  We were soon airborn, and flew directly to the Falls, which we circled several times, entering both Zambia and Zimbabwe airspace.  The flight was magical. There were huge plumes of spray, and gorgeous rainbows.  On the way back we could see Ellies and Hippos in the Zambezi.  Steve was allowed to take control on this last part of the flight.  After the flight we went back for breakfast, and managed to persuade the New Zealand ladies to fly.

During breakfast we were mobbed by monkeys who were squabbling over food scraps. The waiter fetched a slingshot, and the monkeys ran for it without a shot being fired.

Victoria Falls on Foot

We were soon collected for our guided tour of Victoria falls by Kisswell. We stopped off on the way to pick up some Americans from another lodge. It transpired that they had already visited the falls on their own.  They still took the ride, and were going to cross the bridge to Zimbabwe. So we had Kisswell to ourselves.   The falls were in full flood. At this time of year it is not possible to walk out over the river to the islands, or swim in the pool above the falls.  Instead we were drenched by heavy spray.  The rainbows were spectacular.  On a small bridge I was able to see a 360 degree rainbow. I was not able to photograph this spectacular rainbow.

We met the New Zealand ladies, they were totally soaked. We were wearing plastic ponchos which gave us some protection.

The Bar

Back at the hotel, we had a siesta, and then met up with the New Zealand ladies and their tour guides, Fiona & Andy.  Fiona helped Andy who runs overland safaris for older clients.  He is based in Nairobi.   This trip was running from Livingstone to Swakopmund in Namibia, and back. Most of the trip was in tents, with the occasional stop in a lodge.  Andy was going to be running a trip up Kilimanjaro in August 2017.  His travel company is  The Safari Company

It turns out that our New Zealand ladies really enjoyed their flights.  We continued to sit in the bar watching the Leicester City match against Manchester United, and watched the sun go down over the Zambezi with a glass of Mosi beer in our hands.  A pleasant way to end the evening

Victoria Falls Video




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