Edinburgh is the sun

26th June.

Up early again and off to Edinburgh.  Today there were no delays on the flights, and I was in work by 9.00pm.

After work, I stayed in the hotel for an early night and supper.

27th June

Today the weather was sunny weather, though not hot.  Decided to eat out for todays meal, so tried a Vegetarian Restaurant near the hotel called Black Bo’s.  I saw it advertised in the Bigg Issue magazine.  Will compensate with a steak tomorrow.  Actually the meal was very good.  Started with an unusual salad of mango, avocado and lettuce.  Followed with a goats cheese roulade.

28th June

Kept my steak promise, went to McKirdys for a steak and chips., then I had a  wander through Edinburgh looking for somewhere to eat on Thursday.  May try the new Petite Paris to see what that is like.  Met up with Ed for a couple of pints at Pivot.  Again a sunny day, but not hot.


Wotton Underwood Open Day

Today we went to the Wotton Underwood  open day.  Did not visit the house, we had seen that two years ago.  Instead we rode on the 15 inch railway, taking a ride on on the Steam Powered Train. The track takes you a mile or so through the contryside.

After the ride, we went for a long walk around the lake.  We saw masses of  dragon flies, and fish jumping out catching the low flying dragon flies.  The estate is doing a massive amount of tree planting.  It is very beatiful, quiet and restful around there.



21st June

Well today was a very breezy day, with mixed showers and blue sky, late in the day it started to drizzle.  Quite cold outside, I don’t know where our Summer has gone. I thought about walking up Arthurs seat for mid summer celebrations.  Decided it was too cold for that, and too wet.  Ah well the nights will be drawing in from now on.

It was supper at the Mai Thai again.

22nd June

Again ate at the Mai Thai

23rd June

Another hard days work, then flew back to Birmingham.  Uneventful flight, arrived on time.  Popped into see Margaret and David on the way home.


England Sweden match

Today there was a lovely blue sky.  So I walked to work with no jacket.  Stupid, this is Scotland, and the weather changes.  Walked back with no jacket in the rain.

Watched England draw 2 all to Sweden at the Mai Thai.  Wish all those Scots would shut up and support a British team.  Last week they all had Trinidad and Tobago shirts, this week they were all walking around in Swedish shirts.  I think I will join that boycott and not come here, well unless they keep me in a job.

Scotland and Holyrood Hotel

Very early up this morning, 4.30 to catch a plane to Edinburgh from Birmingham.  Bit delayed leaving, and traffic control at Edinburgh cause a few circuits.

Booking agency rang to say my hotel was over booked, so was being moved to Holyrood hotel, which is a bit of a trek down the hill to the Scottish Parliament, so will not be doing Petit Paris this week.

Instead I ate in the Mai Thai, which has free Internet access, a bar, and  several wide screen TVs.

Vintage Cars

Visited Waddesdon Manor, where there was a vintage car day.  Over 90 of these cars turned up and parked in front of the Manor.  Picnicked on the lawn in front of the house, and snoozed in the warm sun.  Suitably refreshed went home to start the lawn mowing.


Cambridge benefactors luncheon

17th June 2006
Made our way over to Cambridge for the buffet lunch given to Gonville and Caius donators.  Met up with Richard & Andrea.  Pictures to arrive shortly.  Saw the new Master of Caius Sir Christopher Hum MA, KCMG.  Master from January 2006. Previously had a career in HM Diplomatic Service,culminating in postings as British Ambassador to Poland (1996-1998) and to China (2002-2005). Continues to follow the politics, economics and international relations of contemporary China.

Selina and Graham arrived after supper to give me my father’s day present.   Thank you very much Selina and Graham. I have very few Who CDs, like none, and I really must get some more.



12th – 16th June 2006

Back up in Scotland for a week working at the Bank.  Uneventful week ate mostly at the Raddison Hotel bar.  Met up with Mary and Ed for one evening out, where we ate pizzas in the Grassmarket, followed by various pints of beer in various pubs south of Grassmarket.  Shall have to retrace my footsteps to see where we went.  Remember hearing folk music and bagpipes in one bar, and some R&B music in a Jazz club. It was quite a good evening, which I must not repeat too often.

On the way home to Luton on the final landing run when we could not have been more than 2 minutes from touch down, and no more than 1000 foot altitude, the pilot executed a tight 360 turn.  As I left I asked the crew (well one wearing gold bands) why.  He said ah, so someone did notice.  Gave some reason of being too high and wanted to lose height.  He was not overly sure as he had not be piloting the Airbus.  I know I do this in a paraglider, but a jet.

Kingswood chapel

Group of us from the village attacked the near derelict chapel, cutting the grass, cutting down the scrub, which was growing up.  We must really find some thing, which can be done to the chapel before it falls down.

PSD day at Alton Towers

Cedar had training and bonding day at Alton Towers. This time it was a mixture of PSD, Services and developers. I car shared to Alton Towers on the Thursday, the afternoon was taken up is state of the company meetings, followed by drinks in Alton Towers park.  Here we had the hire of a couple of rides fo an hour, including Oblivion..  No queuing.  One guy did Oblivion 15 time, I about 8.  After the rides, plenty of drink and dancing.  Pictures available here.



Next day more talks and demonstrations of new products we can sell services for.


Back in Edinburgh for 3 days and 2 nights.  The sun has at last decided to shine, and on Tuesday evening people were even dining out on the streets.  In fact with the ban on smoking I think there were more people on the street then in the pubs. 

Paid my usual visit to the Petit Paris where I indulged in a three course meal, but no wine.  Free wine in my hotel room afterwards.  Such a good customer at the hotel I get free drinks.

Tuesday I went to  McKirdy’s Steakhouse on Morrison Street.  Never been there before, was recommended in some magazine we get.  Not cheap, but very good steaks.  I had fillet steak with haggis and a whisky source.  Ed ate a large fillet.  Just managed to get our order in before two huge crowds of people.

Afterwards stopped off for a pint in a pub on the way back to the grassmarket area, in the area known as the pubic triangle because of the number of lap dancing clubs.  Very good selection of beers, including some beers flavoured with fruit.  Some very drunk mature Norwegian nurses from a conference attempted to pick both Ed and I up.  Hastily retreated to Whistle Binkies to listen to a band.

Visit to Thames Valley Paraglider sites

I met up with Richard Prout at junction 14 of the M4. We then toured most of the Thames Valley sites. I have never flown any, and this was a chance to see them, and get some information on what to watch out for on them.

We ended up on Tan, which is a site which was almost flyable today. But the wind was a bit on the strong side. It seemed also to be rising so we did not wait for an evening flight.

Really looking forward to flying Coombe hill, so am waiting for that Northerly day.

Lenny Henry

All happens in one day. Should have gone to the gun club committee meeting in the P&A this evening. But discovered on Tuesday I had tickets to the Lenny Henry show at the Civic Centre for us all.

So this evening we watched Lenny Henry. He was very funny, much better than I expected. The show he gave was about his family and life, when his family came over from the West Indies and lived in Dudley. How he grew up. It was very funny and much appreciated by the audience.